Chapter 1

I’ve always liked stories, for various reasons. The character development and larger than life personalities, plots and unexpected turns, and the powerful use of dialogue are just a few.

However, stories end very quickly, depending on how fast you can read. Stories are also stories, and are therefore made up and often sugarcoated to bring us the happy endings that we all crave.

My story is different, however, because my days don’t always end on a high note, my plot line is ever-changing and adapting, and there are more than a handful of themes that are present in my life.

My intention is to be genuine and sincere as I share parts of my life, whether that be what I wear, what some of my goals are, what is currently going on in my life or a review on a book that I read.

I started this blog more for me than anyone else, but you are more than welcome to stick around.

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