My Reflection of 2016

I’ve learned that years, as a whole, cannot be fully categorized as being “good” or “bad.” For me, 2016 was a year in which there were really good “good” moments, some crappy “bad” moments, and a lot of average moments. Here are some of the moments that I found to be the most impactful from 2016:

  • I lived in my first apartment.
  • I turned 19. (what does it mean to turn an age, anyway? I was not “turning” anything!!)
  • I got my first desk job.
  • I struggled with anxiety.
  • I was in a relationship.
  • I went zip lining (I even went upside down!!!)
  • I maintained my 4.0 GPA.
  • I asked/reached out for help many, many times.
  • I now understand the importance of and I value daily time spent in the Word.
  • I pursued fashion as a creative outlet.
  • I visited Pearl Harbor.
  • I lived in New Jersey over the summer.
  • I discovered my love/need for coffee.
  • I went kayaking and snorkeling in the Pacific Ocean.
  • I went skinny dipping in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • I learned how to say no, and still be okay with myself.
  • I competed in an A Capella competition in California.
  • I was a waitress for the first time.
  • I got to help third graders with their math worksheets and I got to apply the lessons I learned in my own teaching math class.
  • I struggled with depression.
  • I travelled to some major cities: Vancouver, Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City and Honolulu
  • I spent the summer with 99 other college students, growing in our faith and encouraging others to do so.
  • I went to a lot, though not nearly enough, concerts. (Hillsong, Coldplay, Lecrae, Zella Day, Ben Rector, Switchfoot, etc.)
  • I went to Hawaii for the first time.
  • I ate too much ice cream. (Who am I kidding, I probably didn’t eat enough ice cream!)
  • I realized for the 213894929845th time that I have too high of expectations for myself.
  • I was hurt, but also humbled.
  • I found myself wanting more, only to realize that He is the MOST.
  • I was irritated with myself and others, but my ability to understand and empathize grew.
  • I was challenged, yet rewarded.
  • I struggled, yet I was comforted.
  • I needed rest, and He gave me peace.

Despite the difficulties, this year was needed, as it helped me to discover further who He is, who I am, and who He says I am.


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