2017, be good to me.

Although January is almost over, I thought I would share some ideas and aspirations I have for this year.

Here are 17 things that I am hoping to focus on and regularly do in 2017:

  1. explore Arizona (Bisbee, Sedona, Grand Canyon, etc.)
  2. keep a bullet journal
  3. blog 2x a week
  4. hike (at least) once a month
  5. read at least 20 books for pleasure
  6. save $2,000 (hopefully more)
  7. road trip to California
  8. experiment with makeup
  9. workout 5x a week
  10. regularly produce better content on my fashion Instagram
  11. read my Bible every day
  12. only buy clothing that is on sale or at a thrift store
  13. cook at home 4 nights a week
  14. complete the Whole30 program
  15. learn and try various uses of essential oils
  16. volunteer with youth program in Tucson
  17. work at a retail job in the summer

But my primary goals for this year (and all the years of my life to come) are to love myself, to love others more, and to love God most.


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