April Endeavors

To be honest, this past month, the words “self-control” have not been in my vocabulary. I’m hoping this next month looks a little different.


I have two things that I want to challenge myself with:

  1. I will not eat any sweets in the month of April, besides two pieces of dark chocolate a day. (Dark chocolate is medicinal, so I can’t take that out of my life.)
  2. I will not buy anything “new” in the month of April. (This refers to retail stores. Thrifting and consigning is okay, because the pieces are not “new,” but they are just new to me!)

I chose to challenge myself in these two things for a couple of reasons:

  • I have a sweet-tooth right now and I cannot seem to get a hold of it!
  • I need to save money and watch how much I am spending.
  • I have recently wanted to establish a general practice in my life of only thrifting for clothing pieces, to not only to push past my comfort zone in style but also for the environmental aspect.
  • I want to focus on what I do have, rather than what I do not have.
  • I “reward” myself by eating sweets and going shopping, and I want to learn how to do that in a healthier, more practical way.
  • I want to be challenged and uncomfortable in order to rely more on the Lord.
  • I want to know that I can do these things, for a month, or longer.

I will keep you all updated. How do you want to challenge yourself this next month?

Jenny 🙂



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