What I want this blog to be

I started a blog in hopes to portray a sense of reality and everyday life in the fashion blogger sphere. And right now, I think that I have failed at achieving that initial goal of mine.

Sure, I could stand in front of pretty walls and take pictures of my outfits and accessories. Sure, I could write a few words about my outfit or about certain trends I am loving and call it a blog post, but where is the reality in this?

I want my blog and my Instagram to be an accurate representation of my life–my messy, mundane, chaotic, fun, hilarious, IMPERFECT life. 

If that means less followers, so be it. If that means I will never “make it” as a blogger, so be it. But at least I will be publishing an accurate version of myself.

I don’t think that I haven’t been myself on my blog or on my insta, but I do think that I have withheld information. I have withheld the struggles, the boring parts of the day, the life in between the posts; AKA the things that too many people withhold from others, especially on platforms such as blogs.

So what action will I take to make these goals a reality?

  • Of course, I will continue to take photos of outfits I am wearing and loving, but furthermore, I will choose to write more personal information about my day and my current life in my outfit blog posts, rather than just talk about the pieces of clothing that I am choosing to wear.
  • I will start a new blog series called, “Truth-filled Tuesdays,” where I talk about a current struggle or a thing that I am learning. This will encourage me to think and write about things on my heart every week. (Today’s will be the first!)
  • I will follow more blogs that have my same vision–the ones who want to include their whole lives onto their blog, not just the highlights.
  • I will post more “blooper” photos on my insta and my blog. (Honestly, though, I have a TON…)

Thank you for reading this and I hope you will stick around,


P.S. if you have any ideas of what you would like for me to discuss on my new blog series, Truth-Filled Tuesdays, let me know! I have a couple ideas, but could always use more 🙂

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