Spring 2017 Playlist

If you didn’t already know, I am a total music lover! I love going to concerts, discovering new artists, and listening to old classics.

I compiled a list of songs that I have putting on repeat lately. I know that I love looking at others’ song suggestions, so I thought I would share my current faves with you all. If you find a new song that you love, or if you are reminded of a song that you once loved, I’ve done my job.

Also, here’s a bit of self-promo: follow me on Spotify (jenmbello) for even more tunes!

  • Paris by Tiger in the Sky — romantic, soft, yet upbeat
  • The One by The Chainsmokers — my jam lately, whether I am working out or just need a bit of a “pick-me-up”
  • Fight to Keep by Run River North — I love this steady rhythm! To me, that kind of song makes a perfect driving song. Also, I have been obsessed with this band in general lately
  • All Glory Be to Christ by Kings Kaleidoscope — a new spin off an old hymn
  • New Man by Ed Sheeran — This song is hilarious! If you need a good laugh at the superficial things in life, give it a listen.
  • The Love Club by Lorde — Love the different voices/layering effects in this song. Just like Lorde, this song is effortlessly cool.
  • Cleopatra (Acoustic Demo) by The Lumineers — perfect for a mellow morning (another one of my favorite bands!)
  • Girl in Calico by Tow’rs — If I could write their whole album here, I would, but this song specifically is my current go-to pick when I am studying. But, seriously, check out this band!! Plus they are from AZ 🙂
  • My Joy is Complete by Citizens & Saints — perfect song for when I need to be reminded of the joy that I can only find in Jesus (which is every moment of everyday)
  • HARD LOVE by NEEDTOBREATHE — sorry for yelling, that was just the title. This is my current pump-up song. I always have at least one!
  • Four Pink Walls by Alessia Cara — for some reason, I get serious “girl power” vibes from this song, and this artist in general!
  • Summertime Romance by Johnnyswim — This song talks about all things warm and all things love…need I say more?
  • Until We Get There by Lucius — this song makes me want to travel and spontaneously leave my responsibilities behind and go on a road trip
  • A Lovely Night from La La Land — Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling singing a duet and jazzy interludes? yes please.

There is my extensive list! Let me know if you have any music suggestions, or if you liked any that I included! 🙂


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