Taking Steps Towards Mindful Living

A goal of mine, which will realistically ALWAYS be a goal of mine, is to be more mindful. While you may think mindfulness is just a current phase or word that is buzzing around the “blogosphere” and Pinterest, I believe that mindful living is worth giving a try.

The best way that I have seen mindfulness explained is when the exact opposite, or mindlessness is defined. Mindlessness is, “a state that we often refer to as autopilot,” (Mrs. Mindfulness).

Mindfulness then, on the flip side, can be described as being present, aware and living intentionally. (Why don’t we do this already?!)

A few personal reasons as to why I want to live more intentionally include:

  • I am tired of having or wanting more just to have more.
  • I want to declutter my physical living space and my thinking process.
  • I am hoping to save ‘x’ amount of money by the end of this year.
  • I want to enjoy and savor every thing that I eat.
  • I want to spend time doing what I find important and that I have always dreamed of doing, instead of wasting my time.
  • I want to actively live in the present, rather than hurrying towards what is next.


Looking through a mindful point of view in all aspects of my life, including how I am spending my time, my money, my energy, my calories, my words and my efforts, would significantly benefit me and my future.

To keep myself accountable and to potentially offer some advice to you all, I am hoping to share the steps that I take in order to live more intentionally.

So, what does it look like to live mindfully day to day? While I don’t (nor ever will) have all the answers, I think the first step is taking the time to notice and appreciate all that is around me. And today I notice that I feel excited and motivated to change the way I think about and do life.

Will you consider joining me in this new and challenging endeavor?


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