First Day of School + Fall Semester Goals

I’m starting my third year of college today (WHAT?!) and I’m actually really excited.

I’m equally just as bummed because that means that summer is over and I am halfway done with college. Time flies when you are having fun (and when you are trying to balance a social life, health, clubs, work and a blog, while also maintaining a decent GPA!!).



Dress: Old Navy // Shoes: Birkenstocks // Backpack: Northface

This upcoming school year, I am trying to be more present, mindful, and intentional with the way that I am living, so I decided to put together a short list of things that I want to accomplish in this next school year, separated by various “life categories.”


  • maintain my current GPA
  • scheduling in time to work on homework daily
  • complete homework OUTSIDE of my bedroom


  • go to a concert (just bought tickets for my fav band in September!)
  • book club meetings once a month
  • go to 3 football games
  • invite new people/friends over to my apartment 2x


  • read my Bible every day
  • read “Redeeming Love” + 3 other books on the side
  • journal everyday (no word limit/requirement)
  • keep on a budget each month
  • allow for an hour of “me time” every couple days


  • write a total of 5 posts per month
  • collaborate with others for a giveaway
  • reach 2,000 followers on Instagram
  • reach out to 2 brands/companies


  • run 2 times a week
  • complete a Pilates workout routine 3 times a week
  • cook 10 new healthy recipes
  • (TRYING MY BEST AT) only eat 2 sweets a week

What are some of your goals this semester? 🙂 Have a great first day, whenever it may be!

Love, Jennifer


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