Brighten Your Smile At Home + Giveaway

One of my favorite things to do when I am feeling stressed, overwhelmed or low is to pamper and take care of myself. This doesn’t mean that I go to the spa or even the nail salon; it simply means that I take the time out of my day to do something nice for myself.

I love to paint my nails, put on a face mask, and take a long, hot shower. I had never thought of teeth whitening as a way to “pamper” myself, but after Smile Brilliant reached out to me and I started using their product, I noticed that this is something that has been missing in my self-care routine. After all, nothing like a pearly-white smile to increase your level of confidence!

Having that whiter and brighter smile may seem hard to achieve, but in reality, it really isn’t, especially with companies like Smile Brilliant! They save you the trip to the dentist and the high cost of teeth whitening, as each of their packages are priced under $200!


The first step in the process is to make the “molds” for your teeth, with the putty included in the package. After sending it off in the pre-paid package, Smile Brilliant mails the custom trays back to your home and they arrive within a couple days. Here comes the fun part: the whitening process!


To be honest, the process took some getting used to. This is the first whitening product I have ever used, so my teeth and gums were a bit sensitive towards it. However, after shortening the amount of time that I spent whitening my teeth in one sitting and using coconut oil on my gums before and after, I noticed a difference in how my teeth and gums felt after I used the product.

I started using the product nearly every other day, while I was doing chores, working on homework or watching t.v. This process is super user-friendly, as it requires no “extra” time taken out of your day and you can do it all at home! Within a couple uses, I started noticing my teeth looking brighter!

I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a simple, easy-to-use and affordable whitening product. This product not only helped my teeth become whiter, it also boosted my confidence and made me want to smile more!

In addition, the customer service behind the company is incredible. I was in contact with someone who gave me tips on how to adjust the process according to my needs and comfort level. They made sure to update me telling me when my trays were shipped and when they would arrive by. They also emailed me to “check-in” and see how the process was going. I felt very appreciated and respected by the Smile Brilliant team as a blogger and as a customer!


Some helpful tips for those who are interested in trying out this whitening program:

  • Limit the foods that are prone to stain teeth. These are foods and drinks such as barbecue sauce, berries and coffee. If coffee is something that cannot live without, try drinking it out of a straw while taking a part in this whitening process.
  • Stay consistent. It took me a bit of time to find a set schedule or time of day when I would whiten my teeth, but I found that nighttime was the best time for me. Try to pick a time or several days of the week where you know that you will have time to whiten your teeth!
  • Use coconut oil. Your teeth and gums may not be as sensitive as mine are, but it is important to use coconut oil or vaseline to protect the rest of your mouth during this process.

                                              BEFORE                                            AFTER 

See the difference?! This whitening kit will transform your smile, causing you to feel more confident in yourself! Just remember, you are never fully dressed without a smile!

One lucky reader will be able to win their own Smile Brilliant Whitening Kit! All other entries will be given a discount at checkout for their purchase too, so everybody wins!

To enter, fill out this form: 

For $15 off your purchase, use the code “herstyledstory15” at checkout!



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