Why I’m Not Setting Goals for 2018

This post might be quite different than the other posts that you can find on the internet at this time of year, but that is kind of the point.

For the last couple Decembers, I have set lofty goals for the 365-days that followed. Some of these goals I completed, but most of them I failed to complete, and by the end of the year, I was disappointed in myself that I couldn’t accomplish all that I had wanted to.

The underlying problem is that I was focused on what I failed to do rather than acknowledging all the things I did accomplish.

For the next year, I am determined to change this negative cycle. Instead of setting a long list of goals, I am reflecting on and reevaluating my priorities.

Priorities, to me, surpass goals. Priorities establish what takes precedence in your schedule and determine how you use your energy. Setting priorities inform what goals you will and won’t accomplish. 

So, as we quickly approach the new year, here are the list of my top 5 priorities in order  of importance that I hope to keep at the forefront of my mind in 2018:

1) to serve God in everything I am, everything I say, and everything I do 

2) to grow in my relationships with others, as a daughter, as a sister, as a friend and as a sister in Christ

3) to love and treat myself well–physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and intellectually 

4) to grow as a content creator and create the content I desire to create 

5) to take joy in the everyday, messy and sweet moments 

I trust that God will grow, challenge and stretch me this year, as well as continue to show me His unfailing love and grace for me. I pray that these priorities will not get overshadowed by worldly distractions, insecurities and frustrations, but I also pray that I will learn to give myself grace more and more each day, knowing that nothing I do or don’t do will reflect how much the Father loves and cares for me.

Happy New Year loves!


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